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Animal Numbers Book


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This gorgeous 1 – 10 Numbers cloth book is one of a kind. It is animal themed and each page has different animals on it. It is an engaging and very interactive cloth book for a fun sensory experience. It is big and fat and beautiful!

The pages of the book are made from a beautiful 100% organic cotton/hemp fabric. I also use 100% merino wool felt, designer cottons and a variety of textured fabrics.

Number 1 – One Lion hiding in the grass. He can be taken in and out of his hiding spot

Number 2 – Two elephants with fluffy flappy ears

Number 3 – A mother tiger with her two cubs hiding in the jungle

Number 4 – Four giraffes hiding amongst the trees

Number 5 – Five Zebras

Number 6 – Six leopards gouging in the tress and on the rocks

Number 7 – Seven cheeky monkeys playing among the leaves

Number 8 – Eight insects hiding under the log, one bug attaches with velcro

Number 9 – Nine snakes I the trees and behind the bushes

Number 10 – Nine birds sitting in the trees and one one owl living in the tree trunk.

All pieces are attached to the book so nothing can get lost!

Included in the price is a custom front and back cover with love message. You can have a name or title for your book, or any other ideas you may have ! Upon purchase I will finish the cover for you and sew your book together. It will arrive beautifully packaged.

This book is a true heirloom and will be treasured by its owners for many years to come.


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